The Stable

“As one of J Hoffman Studio’s earlier clients and not having many reviews to go on, we know we put Jenny and her team to the test. We had a tight budget, were concerned, very particular and quite specific about design and detail, had lots of questions and wanted to be kept informed throughout the build. Living next door, we were also very present. Jenny not only tolerated us, beyond the patience of any seasoned pros we’ve worked with, she made the process enjoyable, accepted our concerns and desire to be involved with the project through its design, changes and final, beautiful, solid build. She communicated well and got back to us as quickly as she could with answers to our many questions as well as options for features and materials. We love The Stable and everyone, we mean everyone who enters has a big smile, jaw-dropping reaction. Hire J Hoffman Studio.”

— Clients, Claudia Fulshaw and Kelly Cottrell

The Stable was designed to feel like an agrarian outbuilding beside owners Claudia & Kelly's rural Durham cottage. Claudia, a graphic artist, will use the new space as a permanent home for the artists' retreats she had previously led in various locations regionally.  

Built on a tight budget, the goal for the project was to create a warm, open and unfussy space using inexpensive raw materials and simple details. Claudia and Kelly love to tinker and build, so the space was left intentionally bare to allow them creative freedom to add color, texture and detail over time. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 10.13.38 PM.png