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At our first meeting we want to learn about your unique needs, ideals and priorities for your home.  We will talk over your budget and a realistic timeframe for your project.




We gather information from your local town/ city jurisdiction to understand the ordinances and parameters we're working within. Your site and home are documented with photos and accurate measurements.

AS-BUILT DRAWINGS: We draw your existing home and site to give us a starting point for design.

  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN: Now that we've uncovered all existing conditions, design begins. Sketches and concepts are formed and we begin to hash out design options together. 3D images and plans will be created and reviewed.

  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Once we've settled on a satisfying layout, precise drawings and details are developed along with options for materials and finishes. At this phase we work to nail down enough detail to produce a thorough and accurate estimate for construction.

  • CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: Any changes to the architectural and mechanical design that come up during the estimating process are finalized, and the final set of construction documents are created. These include all necessary drawings for permitting as well as material and fixture schedules. Drawings are submitted for zoning and building permits and a start date for construction is confirmed.



After design development details are finished, we consult with our selected team of subcontractors to gather input and pricing, and create an estimate to present to you. After review and cost analysis with you, we make any needed adjustments to arrive at your budget, timeline and design priorities.



During construction, we maintain a safe, clean and professional working environment. It's our expectation that each of our excellent and experienced subcontractors show a high level of respect to you and to the job-site, completing their tasks in full, on time, and cleaned up completely for the trades following behind them.

It's important to us to be easily accessible and responsive throughout your project. Keeping the lines of communication open helps everyone feel like a team and keeps your project humming along on schedule.

Unexpected changes and costs come up in every project. We strive to anticipate each cost pre-construction, but should changes become necessary, we re-address your budget to keep you on target whenever possible. We stand behind our work. If it's not done right, we will make it right, leaving you with a home you're thrilled to move back into upon completion.