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We offer a full range of design services for new construction projects and  renovations, including site visits, as-built drawings, design consultation, schematic development, and stamped construction drawings for project permitting. Offered as a stand-alone service or in combination with construction services.


At our first meeting we want to learn about your unique needs, ideals and priorities for your project.


We gather information from your local town/ city jurisdiction to understand the ordinances and parameters we're working within. Your site and home are documented with photos and accurate measurements.


  • AS-BUILT DRAWINGS: We draw your existing home and site to give us a starting point for design.

  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN: Now that we've uncovered all existing conditions, design begins. Sketches and concepts are formed and we begin to hash out design options together. 3D images and plans will be created and reviewed.

  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: Once we've settled on a satisfying layout, precise drawings and details are finalized.

  • CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: The final set of construction documents are created, along with stamped engineering plans as needed. These include all necessary drawings for permitting as well as material and fixture schedules. Drawings will be complete and ready for submittal for building permits.